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4th Aug, 2014

My hemoglobin is at 12.7, the highest it 's been in 10 years.

Friends say the difference is amazing.

Yet, I cant get my Ferritin levels to stick. I was at 22 in Feb and have dropped to 15.

My wonderful hematologist was practically gleeful when talking about sending a camera inside me too see what my GI tract looks like.

The only way out is through

I just have to do it in order to fix this for good.



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5th Aug, 2014 18:23 (UTC)
I don't understand what that means, but I presume it is good news.
6th Aug, 2014 01:07 (UTC)
Is that the swallow it kind of camera, or the endoscopic kind? The first would be cool. The latter, not so much. ;)
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