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ugh, I have been the most awkward human all week due to my damn period. I've been chomped on by the elevator once, tried to get in the wrong elevator once, bruised another toe, managed to fork my face. I mean, I know being on your period throws off your balance and stuff, but c'mon, this is redonk.

I'm trying not to poison myself with painkillers, but when I cant catch my breath because of the cramps and my hands are shaking too hard to open the bottle of Motrin I'm gonna err on the side of "cant take too many".

And I know this is why I'm feeling emotionally fragile, and that it will pass. But, I just want to go back to sleep. I suck at recognizing when someone's actually interested in me because I've just been head down for so long, well, (and being married to a shithead) that I'm slow to catch on.

I dont want to log back into Fetlife. I'm not up for online dating. I'm not big into the bar scene. I may go out dancing occasionally ( or at least going to try to in the City on saturday).

ugh, excuse while I go vomit from the pain and stress.


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11th Jul, 2014 02:38 (UTC)
I'm sorry you're having such a bad week.
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11th Jul, 2014 15:45 (UTC)
15th Jul, 2014 06:40 (UTC)
What's on Saturday?
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