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30th Sep, 2013

I'm supposed to move on Saturday. Packing is proceeding. I'm living out of the suitcase now. Only problem is with all the vet bills lately, I have no money to move with!



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1st Oct, 2013 00:07 (UTC)
What pets do you have now, Bella? What's going on with them?
1st Oct, 2013 04:37 (UTC)
Hi! Peri, sge 15, Chiana/Cheadle - 7, Piglet, 7, and Val - 5. We have an aggressive neighbor cat who bit Chichi & Piglet. Boom! 2 abscesses.
2nd Oct, 2013 00:30 (UTC)
Sorry to hear that. :( I hope your kitties get better.
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